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About Palomar Park

Palomar Park is an unincorporated section of San Mateo County nestled between San Carlos and Redwood City. It is home to a small-town community overflowing with natural plants and wildlife. “Palomar Park” is not an actual park, but rather dates to the mid-1920’s when A.J. Harwood began to develop the mountainous area into a residential neighborhood. The first homeowners came from San Francisco proper who purchased the homes as summer properties.

Palomar Park is defined by the unincorporated area of San Mateo County to the north and east of Edgewood Road, by the City of San Carlos on the west, north and east, and by the northern and eastern side of Edgewood Road on the south and west. Palomar Park, as an unincorporated area, is governed by the authority of San Mateo County and the State of California. Law Enforcement duties are split between the California Highway Patrol for all traffic related incidents and the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office for all other incidents.

The Palomar Park Property Owners, as a nonprofit, exists to serve the community in three ways:

To better the living conditions and physical surroundings of our community by evaluating and determining appropriate measures to maintain and enhance the quality and safety of the environment in Palomar Park;

To present appropriate public officials and agencies with the views and opinions of property owners in Palomar Park to help improve conditions in the area;


​To provide a way to keep the property owners in Palomar Park adequately informed on all matters of common interest.


Such a cohesive community organization has proven beneficial; the PPO maintains a large and active presence in the community. In addition to maintaining community mailboxes, paid for by member dues, the Owner’s group acts as a unified body to voice homeowner concerns to the local government, help maintain the orderly appearance of the neighborhood, make public updates for possible events or projects influencing the neighborhood, and organize an annual summer picnic. 

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